Broken And Forgotten 33/52


Melissa and I went to see a house today that we both really like. There is something strange about it though. There is an impression that projects were started inside the house and never finished. Long story short. That is the case, but due to a nasty divorce (from what we hear from a neighbor).

The broken chair and kicked over plant you see in this photo is one of the few unappealing things about the house, on the outside. From what the neighbor told us, the kids from the husband’s previous marriage tried to throw a brick through the front door to get inside. Does that make us want the house less? I mean, it needs help and care. Not sure. We’re still debating and discussing.

But who knows… we might still bid.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Good luck in your decision Scott! I’m sure whatever your choice will be, it will be for the best!

    1. Thanks Jim, I appreciate that!

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