Boston Tall

I was in Boston just prior to the Boston Marathon.  I was up there hanging out with some friends and attending their photography workshop.

One of the days I was there, Bob Lussier met up with me to go shooting around Boston.

We walked around the financial district taking pictures and watching street performers.

At one point we stopped to photograph the tall buildings you see here.

One of my favorite things about the city of Boston is the architecture.  It has an amazing mix of old and new.

This explains that statement perfectly.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Wow, awesome perspective. What lens / focal length did you use?

    1. Hi Dan,

      I was using the Nikon 20mm lens.

  2. Nice shot Scott. I like your wide vantage point.
    It also reminds me that I have to get back into Boston to shoot some more.

    1. Thanks Bob. Your 20mm was so awesome I had to pick one up for myself.

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