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I had the honor of testing a new web application called Book’d.   This is a great service which enables people of any job style to schedule appointments.  It’s so simple and so quick.

When you set up Book’d you are asked for the service types and availability.  If you do not work on Mondays, you can choose to be unavailable Mondays.  If you work Thursdays until 3pm, you can set that as well.  It’s so flexible that it works for anyone!

Photographers who have a full time studio can easily schedule sessions without needing expensive software.

Hair Stylists, Doctors, Lawyers.. It works for pretty much all professions.

Book’d is currently in their beta testing period but when launched, will give users a 30-day free trial to see if it is right for them.

There will be three plans which will offer different amounts of schedules and users.   No matter what pricing plan you choose the option to accept PayPal payments, a branded web page, number of services and clients you can have (unlimited)  all remain the same.

Since I don’t work full time in a studio my need for Book’d is small, so paying is not an option.  If Book’d had a free plan then I’d most likely take advantage of its power.

I imagine Book’d will be a big hit to freelancers and new businesses.  Have a look at some of the screen shots from Book’d and then head on over to their blog to read more about it.   They can also be found on Twitter @bookd

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