Bokeh Ball Fun

When shooting at a wide aperture you will begin to see circular shapes forming in the blurred portions of the frame. This effect is refereed to as bokeh. It can be a very useful and fun effect for portraits, but sometimes it can also be overdone. A great example of bokeh in use with portraits would be to check out my some recent photos from my friends +Richard Williams and +Heath O'Fee.

Bokeh can also be used to create computer desktop images or as new backgrounds when using a green screen… Let's say, a photo booth at an event?

Anyway, so while out shooting with +Richard Williams, +Jesse Pafundi, +Brian Matiash, +Brian Furbush, +Mike Olbinski, +Jacob Lucas, +Chris DeAngelis (+Dave Veffer had to depart from us before sunset) we stopped for sunset photos and I captured a few bokeh shots like this. I was going to play a a fun game but instead I'm starting out with an explanation of bokeh. In the future, be on the lookout for my new Google+ game, "Name That Bokeh"

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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  1. Can we play a game where we guess the thing based on the bokeh? My guess for this is: A Bridge?

  2. +Wayne Reich That is what I will be doing in the future with "Name That Bokeh" but with this one, there has been so many photos already posted from the photo outing that it would easily give the answer away.

  3. Well, it's a really cool shot – I love how the detail of the concentric circles really stands out.

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