Being an eco conscious photographer

I try really hard to be an eco-conscious photographer. I don’t drop things as I’m driving or walking around. I will always go out of my way to find a garbage can or recycle can to put my trash in.  If I am photographing a person where there is a bunch of gear set up I will try really hard to not bother the surrounding nature.

I have yet to spray anything harmful into the environment while on the job and will continue to do so.  Typically I wash my car using EcoTouch waterless car wash.  There is so much that can be done as a photographer to do our part for the Earth.

Here are some of the other thing that I do:

  • Proofing
    • Zenfolio
    • CDs instead of wasted prints (unless the client really wants them)
  • Storage
    • Think Tank Photo bags which use all eco-friendly materials
  • Travel
    • 2010 Toyota Prius (Hybrid) which I will own in the near future
  • Power
    • PowerEx 2700 mAh AA Batteries for strobes w/ Maha 8-cell individual controlled charger

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