Azul Sensatori


As I’ve mentioned previously, Melissa and I got married and honeymooned at Azul Sensatori.  Our room was an ocean-view suite on the third (out of four) floor.  One morning when the humidity was low, I put my Nikon 14-24mm lens on to capture the beauty of the resort.  This was the view from our balcony.  The area from my One Way To Relax photo is located on the top right corner of this photo.  You can’t see it, but it helps you get the idea of how big the resort is.  Keep in mind that there is another building and pool not in the frame.  Azul Sensatori is big enough to get away from people and at the same time, the employees take care of you.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Nice view and crisp blue, Scott!

    1. Thanks Rich, I appreciate the comment.

  2. that’s beautiful! i bet the resort doesn’t have a beautiful shot to show off of themselves like that!
    maybe they’d “buy” it from you for their brochure!
    really! speak to them about it! u just gotta get directly to the right person!

    i bet you had a wonderful time there.
    too short, right? lol.


    1. Way too short Sharon. Who knows, maybe the resort will reach out and ask for some photos. It happens.

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