August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Print

Solar Eclipse August 21 2017

On August 21, 2017, the world experienced a solar eclipse. It’s something that happens every so often, but it’s rare to experience a total solar eclipse. In fact, only a handful of areas in the United States had the opportunity to see the full totality. Meaning, the moon is directly in the middle of the sun, so you only see a black circle and a ring of sunlight.

Here in Freehold, NJ we got somewhere between 70 and 75% totality. That means that the moon never fully covered the sun.

But the morning of the eclipse I positioned myself in my front lawn in Freehold, NJ and spent around 3 hours standing under the hot sun to photograph the eclipse.

The result is the photo you see above. A collage of what the eclipse looked like from New Jersey.

The feedback I’ve been receiving from locals has been fantastic, and the requests for prints has been phenomenal, but I wanted to make the print option extremely special.

So with that, I’m happy to offer the photo as you see it here, available in two sizes. 16×24 and 20×30. But then I’m offering print style choices:

  • Paper print with a metallic finish
  • Framed paper print with a metallic finish
  • Metal (aluminum) print with a high gloss finish

The framed and metal prints are ready for mounting on your wall.

If you’ve wanted a solar eclipse photo to remember the experience by, then why not pick up a photo that is truer to your area. Something you might have witnessed.

If you are interested in having this print on your home or office wall, on stunning metal, then click the button below to choose your size and purchase.

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