Asbury Park Getting Busy


I recently revisited the Asbury Park, New Jersey boardwalk for a family portrait session.

Last time I was there, for the photowalk, the place was empty.  It was off-season so it made sense.

This time, the boardwalk was packed!

We started the session in this spot.  A nice view of the old casino in the background.  The sun on this day was brutal.  Hot, without a cloud in the sky.  It was difficult to get a good beach shot because in order to get the ocean in the background (to the left of this scene), the sun had to be in the family’s face.

When dealing with a situation like that, it’s important to adapt.  Change angles, move around and find the perfect spots.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. I really like this image. There is a great optical thing with the boards along the walk that actually make it look like a “valley” that is lower than the surrounding parts of the walk. It does a great job of leading your eye though the image.

    1. Thanks Scott! It looks cool with the family in place, but people kept walking in the way so I don’t think the shots will be in the finals list.

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