Another Christmas Gift… from SmugMug

SmugMug ProSmugMug fans out there, I have another great gift.  I have a 1 year free subscription to SmugMug to give away.

Comment below with your favorite feature of SmugMug

I will use to pick a winner.  Please use a working email address, otherwise a new winner will be picked.  (Double bonus fun points if you tweet this post to your friends… I will still be picking at random but it doesn’t hurt to share)

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  1. I love everything about SmugMug. But my favorite part is simply the value. My entire site is run right within SmugMug with no need of an expensive hosting service or fancy provider. By keeping my costs down, I’m able to keep my services affordable. Also, being able to sell my work within my site for any amount I wish, versus the set/recommended prices like other more expensive sites, I’m able to sell more products. The proceeds I get from my online sales pay for my SmugMug annual fee and then some. I recommend SmugMug to any photographer I meet and to my own students who are starting businesses of their own. I can’t imagine my business without it.

  2. One Feature? I love the hands-free we’ll take care of prints and orders. I love the customization possibilities and unlimited uploading. I love the UI and the support when something goes awry. I love the Direct publishing from Adobe Lightroom 3…FHEW, what isn’t there to love, really!?!

  3. I love how I can publish my Smugmug site directly from LR3!

  4. I like the clean look of SmugMug and its ability to share photos through easy to access pages. I also love the available templates and transitions.

  5. Well, it would have to be the ability to do all the business related end of photography all in the same place. And direct publishing from Lightroom. Sweet!

  6. I love the ability to apply different themes per album/gallery.

  7. My favorite feature is the SmugVault. Extra backups are always nice.

  8. I love the business end…the fact that I don’t have to worry about printing, processing orders OR shipping is simply awesome!

  9. My site is hosted at SmugMug. I appreciate the ability to host and sell my images in one place. I have had nothing but a great experience with SmugMug!

  10. I just checked out SmugMug. I would have to agree with Suzanne, What a value! Another nice Gift. Thanks again Scott!

  11. It really is too hard to name just one thing. I love the integration! I love that I can publish directly from Lightroom. I love that when I or my clients want to order prints, it’s all done for me. It’s a great prize, thanks Scott!

  12. The ability to sell prints and have promotion/coupons is a great feature. Since I only know basic HTML & CSS this is a great feature for someone like me who cannot write the code by myself.

  13. Oh, SmugMug is awesome. Love the large image displays and that they’re run by photographers! Would love this!

  14. Yes, I need to re-up.

  15. Simple access to sizing options and the controlling thereof.

  16. The ability to show large display of a photo and the business end of it to sell photos online.

  17. SmugMug’s flexibility is my favorite feature.

  18. Best reason to love SmugMug is Bayphoto – really good print quality, and great customer support. But having your selling and your brand wrapped into one on SmugMug is an excellent feature. Not to take away from Zenfolio…but SmugMug is the place to beat.

  19. Love everything about SmugMug! Great giveaway Scott!

  20. My favorite part is the Support Heroes and the dgrin forum :)

  21. My favorite feature would be the fact I can sell things right from my smugmug account.

  22. I love the selling option of smugmug, and the vault for storage… I’m so happy that if my house burns down, and someone breaks into my super secret location and steals my backup, and My computer crashes all at the same time, I know I have a safe place for my pictures! :D

  23. I love the SmugMug Sharing part.

  24. I think that the possibilities to show your portfolio, printing and selling services and the customization are great features !

  25. I love the two levels of customization offered by SmugMug: EZ and Advanced. Still learning.

  26. also love the layout :)

  27. Have not tryed it but would love to.

  28. Smugmug is great to let friends view and purchase photos all in one awesome place.

  29. Love them, because they are real picture-lovin’ freaks!!! + support ROCKS.

  30. One feature…I don’t know if I can narrow it down that far. I like the LR3 integration, how easy it is to sell, their love for BayPhoto, and how fast it loads up. Their support is top notch as well. Just a great company!

  31. I would love to have a free membership in Smugmug. Have been intending to join for a couple of years now.

  32. I love it all… the unlimited uploads, the ordering and printing and shipping to clients… it’s a great system!

  33. I am just starting out in photography and have been to their site a few times. I would absolutely love a year membership! The tools they have, especially for someone starting out, are amazing. I like the pricing tools, and the fact that clients can order directly without me having to do all the input. Oh what a gift if I won!

  34. I am looking into selling my photos on my own, not only through microstock agencies, and from what I hear SmugMug is great solution for that.

  35. I love how easy SMug is to customize… yet it also lets me play with code to make it totally mine. And the SMug heros are always there to rescue me if I have a problem.

    btw.. this is the year I start trying to sell… seriously sell my images on SMug.

  36. Easy customizer! I am able to completely match my regular site and link to it through the easy tools and customizer.

  37. The packages feature in the PRO level of subscription with SmugMug is awesome. It’s so easy to navigate and very intuitive for clients.

  38. Gotta love Smug

  39. It seems to be a well-adopted service for showcasing and seeling photos.

  40. Good print options from quality vendors, plus the sizing options mentioned by Michael.

  41. the customizability, it’s so great to be able to make things so unique to your presentation style.

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