Another Christmas Gift… from onOne Software

onone softwareIn the gift post from Topaz Labs, I said I’m ending this with a bang.  So why would you think one plugin bundle is enough.  The final gift is from onOne Software.  The winner of this gift will receive their Perfect Photo Suite for free.

Comment below with the name of the plugin from onOne Software you’re most excited to use, try or win from the onOne Perfect Photo Suite.

I will use to pick a winner.  Please use a working email address, otherwise a new winner will be picked.  (Double bonus fun points if you tweet this post to your friends… I will still be picking at random but it doesn’t hurt to share)

Notice that I didn’t mention subscribing to find out about the next gift? That’s because this really is the last one.

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  1. No way, Scott! :)
    I think I’d go for PhotoTune 3.

  2. Perfect Resize — Lots of images from low resolution digital cameras that I’d like to have printed large.

  3. I’m keen to play with the latest version of PhotoTools.

  4. Would love to use Perfect Resize 7 to make larger images for prints.

  5. Holy giveaway! I was VERY close to pulling the wallet out for the holiday sale, so I’d certainly like to get this!

    From the yet unreleased world, OnOne Perfect Layers in Lightroom (nevermind that aperture thing :-) ) sounds very interesting!

    From the released world, OnOne PhotoTools, or would it be OnOne PhotoFrame…hmmmm.

    Thanks very much for the chance at this!!!

  6. PhotoTools! PhotoTools!

  7. The ability to add layers in Lightroom is intriguing!

  8. I am most interested in trying Photo Tools after seeing the webinars by Brian Matiash. He certainly gave me some great tips on how to use it.

  9. Perfect Resize. I’ve heard about the concept, but never had a chance to try it.

  10. Phototools probably would be the one I use most often…. Brian seems to love it, so I think I would too….

    It seems to be very very helpful!

    Congrats to all the winners of all the prizes! :D

  11. resize and frame me !

  12. PhotoTools 2.6 excites me! I think the framing options are pretty darn cool as well!

  13. Phototools 2.6 and Focalpoint 2 sound pretty good!

  14. I would love to check out PhotoTune.

  15. The whole thing sounds great but the perfect resize is what I would love to have.

  16. PhotoTools 2.6 is what I’m really amped about. Love the OnOne stuff. Great job with these contests, Scott. Well done!

  17. Perfect Resize!

  18. I like the whole package but am especially intrigued by focal point.

  19. I love focal point 2 myself. When applying it to my industrial shots, they make the cities look small, or model like.

  20. PhotoTools, but layers for Lightroom runs a close, very close second.

  21. I want to learn about Genuine Fractals

  22. I’d like to try PhotoTune! Thanks.

  23. I’m excited most for photoframe, I love the way some of those look!


  24. Perfect Layers for Lightroom sounds fun, I like!!! But of course Photo Tools, rocks!

  25. Photo tools would be the one.

  26. Would love a copy of perfect resize to adjust to apcpro canvas wraps

  27. I am most interested in trying out the Perfect Resize and Focal Point!

    Haven’t had the pleasure of trying any of the OnOne software yet, so this is quite exciting!

  28. I’m interested in the upcoming Perfect Layers

  29. I will choose Layouts, Edges & Adornments.

  30. It’ll have to be PhotoTools.

  31. I think Mask Pro would be a great tool because I have so many images I would like to remove from their backgrounds.

  32. An amazing abundance of tools but particularly layers in LR3

  33. Perfect Resize, although Focal Point is a close second.

  34. PhotoTune 3. Thank you for the chance!

  35. Perfect Resize for me

  36. I would love to have FocalPoint, it seems such a fun and powerful tool.

  37. I would love to try focalpoint application!! Also the layers might be fun to try!

  38. Oh man… I just bought those – maybe they’ll give me a credit?!

  39. I just bought those – maybe they’ll give me a credit?!

  40. Thanks so much Scott for this opportunity… I just Can add that I love PhotoTools… is like my Photog First aid kit.

    Best Wishes… :))

  41. I love PhotoTools. Of all the plugins I use this is my hands down favorite!

  42. Well, I would love to win this too! Layers in Lightroom sounds intriguing. I would like to try Focal Point, and mostly Photo Frame as I think clients would love to have photos presented in interesting and unique ways.

  43. I just absolutely adore On One’s Phototools……and would be THRILLED to win the entire suite!!! The perfect prize for a poor photographer !!!!

  44. Holy cats!! Perfect resize. Thank you!!

  45. I would love to try Photo Tools!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Hmmm. Perfect resize. Or Photo Frames. Or maybe …

  47. Awesome giveaway, Scott. I’m most interested in PhotoFrame and Photo Resize, but were I to win…I’d use ’em all! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  48. Perfect resize

  49. photo tools for sure.

  50. Focal Point looks interesting.

  51. I want it all,
    I want it all,
    I want it all,
    And I want it now.


  52. Photo Tune..Thanks for the chance.

  53. Thanks so much Scott for this opportunity….I would love to try focalpoint application!!

  54. Perfect Resize: it’s my dream

  55. PhotoTools 2.6 and PhotoTune 3, hard to pick.

  56. Why is it so hard to pick a plugin? Um, because they are all AWESOME. Phototools I will be honest is probably the best one out there. I only get to use these fantastic plugins when I am at school…Come on Random number picker!

  57. The one tool that I would be most excited to get is FocalPoint. Thanks, Scott!

  58. Photo tools and focal point intrest me the most but I’m sure I would love all of them

  59. I would be excited to use – Create album layouts with PhotoFrame 4.6

  60. PhotoTools without a doubt!!

  61. Perfect resize

  62. Really hard to chose. Probably a tie between Perfect Resize and Focal Point.

  63. I would love to try PhotoTools!

  64. …Topaz Labs Gave To Me, Perfect Photo Suite for my new EOS 5D!!!
    ~Ho Ho Ho and Haaaaaaappy New Year.

  65. PhotoTools or Perfect Layers… but I’d take em all. ;)

  66. I would really be interested in trying Phototools.

  67. Remask soounds like a fun program to use!

  68. I’m interested to see the new Perfect Resize, and see how it differs from Fractal…

  69. I’d like to work with FocalPoint 2

  70. I’m interested in all of them – PhotoTools and PerfectResiize look particularly intriguing….

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