Alec the Monopoly Man

During my trek around New York City with my friend Brian, we decided to try and get some brackets in the meat packing district. When we reached our destination we noticed the lack of light that surrounded us. Very disappointing to us both. We changed plans and started to walk in a different direction when we came upon this location.  Not only was this an interesting scene, but it was also the only in the area with light.  I shot 9 brackets a precaution.  I wanted to make sure there was no chance of skipping any range in the scene.  I hope you enjoy the shot.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Crazy how perfect looking the Monopoly guy is…almost like it was a stamp or template or something :) Love it!

  2. Great lighting, That Monopoly guy is amazing.

  3. what you saying about the light, looks great to me..

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