Afters Cafe 38/52

Friday night, my wife and I were making my way through heavy rain towards Baltimore, Maryland. We stayed with friends in the Federal Hill section of Baltimore. Our main reason for the weekend getaway was to see Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat perform in Columbia, Maryland on Saturday night. Seeing friends is just an added bonus. Usually when I make a trip somewhere I try to plan a photo outing, but this time I simply had no time. Friday night we got there super late. Saturday we woke up to a late breakfast/lunch and then had a walk around Inner Harbor with just enough time to head for Columbia to see the concert. Today we left around 1pm as to not hit the heavy New York-bound traffic that always exists.


So we woke up this morning, stopped at a “hip” coffee shop called Afters Cafe where I snapped this cool shot. The cafe sells coffee and frozen yogurt. We then picked up a couple of things from Midnite (they make cupcakes) before heading home. Fun but quick weekend.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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