Abandoned Shop 34/52
The Abandoned Shop

Hurricane Irene has come and gone here in New Jersey. Some of us were hit hard and some were not. Last night was my first experience in a Hurricane, but in my area we were not hit hard. I did hear strange noises and there was a lot of wind and water.

All night my camera was shooting a time-lapse out the back sliding door window. Due to the lack of danger in my area, all I really captured was what looks like a heavy rain. Is that good or bad? Well, good for us, bad for photography. The lime-lapse was a big fail, but that is ok.

The Abandoned Shop
The Abandoned Shop

This morning, after breakfast, I took an exploratory walk around the neighborhood with Melissa and my sister-in-law, Lauren. The adventure was also lacking danger as very few trees fell, no wires down and only small puddles were on the streets.

Our walk was a giant loop to the main road and back. The walk back is where I saw some interesting things to photograph.

This is one of the photographs I captured during the walk. I am not sure what the building is, but I will not go inside until the area dries. I don’t trust a wet, ragged and abandoned building. So for now, I am calling it the abandoned shop.

More from the post Hurricane Irene walk to come.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


PS.  As I write this, power is out.  Using my phone as a wifi hotspot is dedication to the Project 52!

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  1. This would make a great shooting location for Eli Roth’s next gore filled splatterfest. If you squint hard enough you can almost see the hockey mask wearing maniac lurking in that shed.

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