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Topaz Labs has generously donated a free license of Topaz Adjust 4 for me to give away on my blog. Anyone could win it. All you need to do is download Topaz Adjust 4 by clicking the following link.

After you install Topaz Adjust 4, have fun with one your photos and upload the final result to Flickr.  Share the link with me by commenting below.  Please also use the tag swi4adjust4 as a tag on the Flickr photo.

I will go through the submissions and the winner will receive the free license of Topaz Adjust 4. It is that easy!

I will only be choosing from submissions today so get started quick. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

Win a copy of Topaz Adjust 4 today only

For a limited time, use the coupon code NEWADJUST for a 20% discount on Topaz Adjust or the Photoshop bundle. Expires 3/15/2010, so act now!

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  1. Very cool Mitzs! Thank you for participating!

  2. Beautifully done Jeff! Did you work off a preset or from scratch?

  3. I ran it through the plugin twice, using 2 different presets then tweaking the controls to get the results I wanted. I love the control of this plugin, and the endless range of possibilities. Will have to go back through old photos and see what magic I can perform on them!

  4. Hi Scott – here's a before and after of mine: it works – I just started a photostream on Flickr with these 2 shots!) Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this filter! :-)

  5. Very cool angle and pano view of Epcot. Well done!

  6. I'm impressed with the results (and I've just tried it). I want it! :)Here is my photo:…For the curious: I ran the plugin two times, in two layers, and set the blending mode of the top one to multiply (and then applied curves to that layer to avoid very dark spots). Minor color/light adjustments with curves and vibrance over all that.The original is in the comments!

  7. Makes me want to go out for a walk in the park. Great job!

  8. It's like a painting. This would look wonderful on canvas! Great job!

  9. My husband's car is the blue and his best friend owns the orange. Couldn't resist a very informal shoot with them. :-)

  10. I wouldn't be able to resist either. Good call!

  11. Looks really cool, that would also look great on canvas!

  12. Looks really cool, that would also look great on canvas!

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