A Photographers Challenge: Your favorite HDR Photo

I didn’t want to us the word “best” in the title of this challenge. In my opinion we (photographers) never get to a “best” point. We just keep learning improve on our work. To quote one of my photograph professors I had in college:

“Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent” – Charles Luce

The challenge: Comment with a link to your photo of your favorite HDR which you photographed. I will choose my favorite of all of the HDR photos submitted and the winner will receive a surprise gift and an invitation to HDRSpotting.com where you can increase your exposure on the internet!  Runner up will also receive an invitation to HDRSpotting.com.

  • Please don’t comment with someone else photos!
  • Please tag your photos with SWIHDRChallenge
  • This challenge will end on March 8, 2010.

The HDR Pictured above is available for sale at photos.scottwyden.com

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  1. Hey Scott… here's my fav HDR shot… taken in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales earlier this month.

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