A Photographer’s Challenge: Threes

Topaz Labs ReMask 3Topaz Labs has offered to donate three licenses of it’s new ReMask version, number three. Oh the fun!

Here is the challenge

  • Photograph something in three. It could be three items, rule of thirds, the third dimension, etc. Something in three. However, make it obvious that it is a play on three. If I can not tell then your chances of winning are slim. Sorry!
  • Download the demo of Topaz Labs ReMask 3
  • Remove something from your photograph.
  • Upload it to your website, server, Flickr or wherever you want and comment with a link to the photo.

Entries will be closed on March 31, 2011.  No submissions will be accepted after.  The winner’s name and email address will be sent to Topaz Labs and they will supply the license numbers.

Have fun everyone,


About Topaz Labs ReMask 3

A Masking Tool Designed for Simplicity and Ease of Use

Topaz ReMask offers you the easiest way to isolate objects and remove unwanted backgrounds from images. Like a pair of digital scissors, ReMask 3 allows you to easily separate a subject from its background by quickly defining the edges of the element to be masked / cutout.

  • Quickly remove unwanted backgrounds.
  • Easily extract intricate image details like hair and fur.
  • Isolate areas for selective adjustments or bokeh effect.
  • Create multiple cutouts for unique compositions.
  • Maintain transparency in hard-to-mask objects like veils and hair.


  • Green tells Topaz ReMask what to keep in the image for sure. ReMask then compares these areas with the original image and can accurately determine the nature of the “desired” areas based on many image characteristics.
  • Red tells Topaz ReMask what to remove in the image for sure. ReMask then determines the nature of the “undesired” areas using this information.
  • Blue tells Topaz ReMask which parts of the image to process. ReMask extrapolates the data from the green and red parts of the image to figure out the blue parts with a high degree of accuracy.

I have written many times before about Topaz Labs Plugins.  They are very powerful, fast and fun Photoshop plugins.  They also work with Lightroom, Aperture and iPhone using Fusion Express.

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  1. Please pardon the messy post. I had to go back and do some ReMask work and add it onto the post. My photo entry is at the very end of this post.

    1. I recently changed my URL and wanted to make sure you had the updated link for my submission:

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