A Photographers Challenge: Thanksgiving In Focus

Topaz Labs InFocus

You might have read about the new Topaz Labs plugin, InFocus.  If you haven’t, you should!  I wrote about it on Monday in a post called Topaz Labs release InFocus for photos that just out of focus.

So here is the challenge.  Download the demo version of Topaz Labs InFocus.

It’s Thanksgiving, so photograph a Thanksgiving related subject or scene.  Don’t forget it should not be in focus. (did I say that?)

Using InFocus, fix the poorly focused photo.  Then upload it to your website, Flickr or anywhere accessible to the public.  Comment here with a link to the Before/After

My favorite will be picked on Monday and the winner will receive a free license for Topaz Labs InFocus.

Happy Thanksgiving :-)


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  1. Scott, thanks for having this contest! my photo isnt necessarily thanksgiving related, but I wanted to enter the contest anyway. If it’s any consolation the photo was taken over the holiday wknd :)

    I was photographing a band with a D90 & nikkor-h 50mm f/2 (my mothers old prime from early 70s). I was a manual focusing maniac all night! However, after downloading to the computer, I quickly realized how difficult it is to manual focus in low light :( Good news is, perfect stuff for Topaz InFocus! see below:



    1. Nice shot Jeff. Love the color too. The plugin worked very well for the shot.

  2. Hey Scott, I think it’s very cool that you’re working with Topaz Labs to promote their new InFocus product. I went ahead and took a shoot of my little cousin from last week’s Thanksgiving dinner. I used my 50/1.4 at 1.4 and just missed my point of focus. I was impressed with how InFocus brought back just the right amount of detail to my cousin’s face. The details from before to after may not be very noticeable over the web jpeg, but trust me when I say that it did a great job of snapping focus where I needed it.

    Here is the before:

    Here is the after:

    Hope you dig it!


    1. Great examples Brian! InFocus really did help bring back the focus in that shot.

  3. What a cool piece of software! I chose to shoot a fall themed piece I had as my table center piece for Thanksgiving while using my 50mm f/1.4 lens, which has been having focusing troubles in the first place. So I think I challenged it a bit too much, but it definitely has its use. I gave it a shot with some OOF ones I had that weren’t Thanksgiving related and I really think it could salvage those irreplaceable shots that I previously has to trash.

    I did two examples and, although the changed (both in the composition and in the OOF fixed amount) is slight, there is a difference.

    Thanks, Scott (and Topaz Labs)!


      1. Beyond being a photographer, I also teach photography and yearbook. For the yearbook, OOF pictures are more common than I’d ever like to think about when we go through the student body submissions to include. So using InFocus last night really got me thinking. Although it isn’t a Thanksgiving photo (and the entries were due last night anyways), I thought it would be worth sharing another example I did this morning. It definitely helped to bring back the detail on this shot a lot more and make it less ethereal feeling. It’s definitely a cool plugin.


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