A Photographers Challenge: Photograph your name

Sounds easy doesn’t it? I will be the bearer of bad news… it is not easy. Almost a year ago I was asked to put this collage together for my brother and his girlfriend. I started on a mission to photograph from A to Z. Many photowalks later my alphabet catalog grew. After my brother proposed I knew I had to get it done for an engagement present. I spent a bunch of hours putting it together, printed it nice a big for them framed it in a paint ready wood so they can choose the color to match a room.

The result, as you can see above, may not be the best out there but it works and they loved it so that is all that matters.

Try this challenge. Go out there and photograph your name. Then upload the images to Flickr and share the link with me. Please use the keyword SWIPhotoNameChallenge for easy searching as well!

Please be sure to comment with a link to your photos for me to see!

This challenge will end on May 9, 2010

Extra challenge Tip: Try not to photograph an actual letter but to create the letter using your imagination!

JUST ANNOUNCED 3-15-2010 The winner will receive a free Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket

Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket, for Storing 10 Compact=

JUST ANNOUNCED 4-9-2010 Extended the deadline for this challenge to May 9

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  1. Very well done Suzanne. Thanks for submitting!

  2. Here is mine

  3. Very well done Melanie. Thanks for submitting it!

  4. Those are awesome! You're right. Parks offer more than a playground :)

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