A Photographers Challenge: HDR your photo studio

This is a pretty tough challenge as the prize is just that incredible. Clean up your photography studio or computer station if you don’t own a studio. Make it presentable or don’t. Either way, this is a fun challenge. Photograph some brackets of your space. Then download the free trial of HDR PhotoStudio 2 and then create your HDR image.

That’s not it though. For the contest, you need to make a montage of the Brackets and the final HDR photo. Tricky? Nope! Basically it needs to look like the image below but much larger. The montage needs to be big enough so I can see all of the detail in the final HDR photo. My favorite out of all the submissions will win a free license of HDR PhotoStudio 2. However, if you don’t win it you can still save 20% by using my discount code scottwyden.  Runner up with receive an invite code to HDRSpotting.com

Submit your montages in a comment below.

When uploading your montages to Flickr please tag with SWIHDRPhotostudio

This challenge ends on August 2nd, 2010

Screen capture from HDRSoft.com

Example of 27 Exposures through Unified Color’s HDR PhotoStudio 2 (no other post processing)
27 Exposures PhotoStudio 2 Test

Since posting this contest Unified Color has announced a new product which is replacing HDR PhotoStudio 2 called HDR Expose. The software will be a free upgrade using the PhotoStudio 2 serial number which will be supplied to the winner of this contest.

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  1. Thanks. Yes, that is an example of how a montage could be done. The better the montage and final the better chances of winning :-)

  2. Really Cool! Is an example of the montage the image you showed there? shows the 3 images and the HDR final image?

    Gotta get on this one!

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