A Photographer Shooting… Guns
Nikon Tilt Shift Lens With Guns
Nikon Tilt Shift Lens With Guns
Nikon Tilt/Shift Lens w/ M4 and M9 Guns

Yesterday I shared the story of an amazing experience I had the honor of being a part of recently. There are many parts of the story I am not allowed to share, many photos from it I can not share and some video. However, there is some video I can share, and here it is.

Remember that M4 rifle that I talked about? Well, if you watch closely you will see some bullet casings fly out of the gun and hit Mitch. It’s harmless really, but the reason that I am mentioning it is because one of those casings wound up jumping right into his pant pocket which we found out later that day. Good times!

The reason that casings fly out to the right is because of a design change to the rifle.  Originally, the casings would fly backwards (which is the direction they are supposed to go) and hit the shooter in the face.  Not so good when you need to keep on shooting.  Oh, and this only happened to left handed / left eyed shooters.  Now that the rifle has been slightly redesigned, there is a small, but effective butt that blocks the casings from flying backwards and instead redirects it to the right.  Great for the shooter, not for the person next to him/her.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting (cameras)


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  1. I like the lens sitting next to the riffles! The story about the casing ending up in the pocket made me laugh. I’ve been to several shooting ranges and come home with various souvenirs like that. Glad to hear that you had a good time here :D

    1. Thank you Chris. It was an amazing experience. We were laughing for so long when Mitch found the casing in his pocket :-)

  2. When you post a video, I buckle in! Looks like an awesome and intense experience. When you fire it seems like the video camera shakes. That T/S photo is an all-time classic! :)

    1. Melissa was holding the video camera and got freaked out when we fired the guns – that is why the camera shakes :-)

  3. Sounds like that was a lot of fun. The ts shot is pretty cool.

    1. Thank you Chris. It was so worth the experience!

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