A late start to a Project 365

After some tweeting back for forth with Andy Cuadra we decided to start a Project 365 a little late. Then after some more tweeting we decided that instead of starting the 365 on day 1 and ending after the New Year we would start with 292 days left. That way we still end on December 31st just in time for the New Year to start all over again.

So there it is folks, tomorrow will be my first photo of Project 365 and will be titled 73/365.

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All of the photos will also be for sale in a variety of prints sizes and formats at https://photos.scottwyden.com/project365

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Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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  1. Yo Man, Forgot to mention congrats on finishing this Project 365. It’s never easy and it takes a lot of work shooting, editing, and uploading everyday. Not to mention the actual time to publish each photo and share the post through the web.

    Most people can’t do it and you did!

    I don’t have an official 365 project but I post photos daily as best I can – my site is still down today and I’m fearing that I might not get the one image up.

    I think you’re doing a 52 week project now and not missing a beat as usual. Great stuff man. Always inspiring

    1. Thanks dude. I appreciate that. Posting every day is a different type of 365 project, but also a very challenging one.

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