5511 Project – Janet’s first photoshoot

Janet is a singer/songwriter from New Jersey who needed some photos for her myspace music page.  She has never modeled before so she was quite nervous.  Janet made it really easy for me to get good shots because she is a very photogenic girl.  We shot at Monmouth Battlefield State Park, in a few different locations. My favorite shot of the shoot was on the picnic bench you see in the photo.  I shot with my D700 with the SU-800 triggering the SB-900 aimed through the a white umbrella.  The effect was a very soft light.  My exposure was at 1/250 shutter speed and ranging from f/2.8 to f/4.5 to give an even light from the blurred background to subject. After this setup I added an extra SB-900 to the shoot and we changed locations.  Here are some other shots.


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