5511 Project – Creepy Guy Self Portrait

I was bored and waiting for Lost to come on and decided to take 5 minutes and do some self portraits.  I had the Nikon 14-24 lens on my D700 from the previous day at the NY Auto Show so I decided to leave it on.  I placed an SB900 underneath the camera aimed up at my face.  For this shot I was actually tethered to the strobe because I had my gear set up for an event I have to shoot soon.  While I sat on my bed giving a creepy look to the shiny glass staring me in the eye I pushed the remote trigger and got some pretty sweet shots.  They aren’t amazing but it’s practice and it’s fun.   The SB-900 was set to the lowest possible output and the exposure was 1/250 at f/2.8

After a few shots I took some Sylvania DOT-it LED‘s and placed them around my bed.  It added some extra flavor to the shot, but nothing crazy.

Thanks for checking it out!


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