5511 – a new photo project

(pronounced: fifty-five eleven)

Here is a new photo project idea that I will start doing.  5511.  It is quite simple really.

Someone will pay me $5 to photograph them.  It’s not a lot of money and I know that.  With that $5 the customer will have a short 5 minute photo shoot where I will use one strobe (probably the SB-900) triggered from a Pocketwizard or Nikon Su-800 (whichever is with me).  I will keep shooting for 5 minutes so I get a bunch of usable photographs.

I will email the digital image to the customer with a link to the rest of the images where they can purchase more.

Sound good?  Contact me if you are interested.

note: The digital image received by the customer will not be the original as I shoot in RAW.  The image will also contain my watermark small at the bottom right.  All customers must sign a model release.

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  1. That’s an interesting idea. I think it would be good for the client plus increase your total portfolio count.

  2. Outstanding idea! I may try this with some of my corporate contacts. It may lead to some great networking for some larger projects in the wedding off-season. Thanks for sharing, Scott!

    1. Sounds great – I hope it goes well!

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