Monthly Archives: January 2012


No Shopping Anytime

I have a quick tip for you.  When you are out photographing street life, make sure you read the signs.  I mean it.  Look at stores, street names, bus stops and more.  Having an easter […]


Changing Of The Tree Guard

This soldier defends the big Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. If you have ever been to Rock Center during this time of year then you know how busy it gets. It’s packed with tourists, which […]


iPhone Blogging Workflow Tip

Last week I published a very simple iPhone Shortcuts Workflow Tip as a way to help you save time when tagging, signing or writing in general. This week I wanted to share a tip for […]


That’s Just Dirty

If you smoke, I am sorry, but I hope that you find a way to quit. I find it gross and cannot stand it when people smoke near me, throw their cigarettes out their car […]


The UFO of Baltimore

On Friday I shared a photo of the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse in Baltimore, Maryland.  It was a simple shot just to show what the structure looks like.  Today I wanted to share another view, from […]


Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse

The Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse was built in 1855 and is one of the oldest screw-pile lighthouses. It was initially installed on the Patapsco River. The northern reach of this river is the Baltimore Harbor, […]


Buffer Your Updates The Right Way

To me, Social Media is about the conversation and engagement. It’s about connecting with customers and colleagues around the world. Even with Twitter and Facebook being around as long as they have, there are so […]


From my eye: Williamsburg Bridge

On January 1, 2012 Melissa and I went into New York City to meet up with +Brian Matiash +Nicole S. Young and +Chris Robins. We walked around the lower east side for a bit, went […]


Photographers SEO and Social Marketing – Part 2

Hopefully if you’re reading this, you also read Part 1 of Photographers SEO and Social Marketing. I’ve said it many times before but I am happy to share some knowledge that I have learned over […]


iPhone Shortcuts Workflow Tip

If you dabble in iPhoneography, then you are likely, and often, faced with having to type certain phrases a lot.  Possibly some hashtags.  Here is a quick tip to save yourself some time. Enable Keyboard […]


So I Cannot Draw A Duck 52/52

Friday night I was playing Pictionary and when it came my turn to draw, I learned that I cannot draw a duck well.  Oh well.  Happy New Year!  This concludes my Project 52 of 2011. See you […]