Monthly Archives: June 2011


Crowdsourcing A Photography Presentation Title

I will be presenting to the Ridgewood Camera Club (New Jersey) in September. I am asking for your help to create the title of the presentation. If your suggested title is picked, your name will […]


No Sleep ‘Til

This is the first photograph I processed from my recent outing with a bunch of friends. Remember when I mentioned Bob coming down from the Boston area. The sun was setting and fast so I […]


The Downside To Seamless Background Paper

Seamless paper is a fantastic product because it is easy to light and inexpensive. The only two problems I have with using seamless background paper, is how quick it gets dirty and how easily it […]


Compact Flash Card Reader for the iPad

The M.I.C Store is a company offering a wide range of Made-in-China gadgets. They test and pick the best items from China but do not provide knockoff products. Their store includes exclusive items such as […]


Review: 100 Cameras in 1 for iPad

100 Cameras in 1 for iPad is a new camera app for the iPad (also available as an iPhone app and soon Android) made by Trey and his crew at Stuck in Customs.  The app […]


Reduce Photoshop Time with Perfect Layers

Less Photoshop, Faster Workflow Working in Photoshop can be a drag sometimes. The software is a resource hog and at times, way more than what is needed. onOne Software has created Perfect Layers as a […]


Meet Bob 23/52

My friend Bob Lussier is a photographer living in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He came down to New York City this weekend for some shooting. Yesterday after work I hopped on a train to meetup with Bob, […]


Headless Ladderman

I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is going on there. I wish I had an answer! Ok, I’m just kidding. There is a story, but not a great one. So if you would […]


Pinball Birthday

This is the last of the short series of photographs from my brother and sister-in-law’s basement.  After photographing the vintage GE refrigerator, I decided to take a child-like perspective of the two pinball machines. Side […]


General Electric

When my brother starting creating the man cave section of the basement, he was given two pinball machines and this vintage GE refrigerator. Can you take a guess of what is inside? Thanks for reading […]


Crafty Nails

My brother and sister-in-law split their basement into beer and bar collectibles and a craft corner.  My sister-in-law is very crafty. One night when Melissa and I were over there working on some things for […]


The Transformer Building

So this building didn’t really transform into an Autobot like I hoped. When walking around the East Village with Melissa, I noticed the strangeness of the building and had to capture it. Photographed with the […]