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Philly Ally HDR

Photograph from an ally in Philadelphia, PA. Such a colorful scene! I didn’t have a tripod with me so I had to handhold this shot, but fortunately I have pretty steady hands when holding a […]


Building a DIY Photo Booth using Party Booth

John has since renamed the application to Spark Booth Since I’m working on building a photo booth I have researched long and hard on how to go about the computer part of it. There are […]


How photographers can use an Apple iPad

As you may have heard Apple announced the new iPad. It is Apple’s come back to the netbook, a very functional tablet with the iPhone operating system built-in. It is in fact a large iPhone […]


Steely Dan

I live close to a marina that can be very calming at times. I decided to take Melissa there one day but it wasn’t the nicest outside. The sky was grey and slightly misty so […]


Quick Photo Tip: Be Selective

Spend more time on one shot versus spending little time and moving on.  Don’t take 100 photos in 30 minutes when you can take 5 in the same amount of time.  Do this and you […]


Considering Adobe Lightroom? Now is the time!

If you have been considering getting Adobe Lightroom now is the time.  Amazon has Lightroom on sale for $189.  Why you may ask?  It could be because Lightroom 3 is coming out soon, but we […]


Up and at them

Taken outside Penn Station in NYC while waiting to meet up with Andrew to head over to Jack Studios. Camera: Nikon D700 Exposure: 0.025 sec (1/40) Aperture: f/8.0 Focal Length: 62 mm ISO Speed: 200 […]


HDR Workshop Keynote Presentation

I had a great time at my HDR Workshop on January 16th, and I know everyone left with the ability to shoot and generate an HDR image which makes me happy. Below is the Keynote […]


Vintage American Flag Photo Auction for Haiti

auction closed This photo is also available for sale at


How to photograph an HDR without bracketing

So you purchased a camera that can shoot RAW because you wanted the ability to experiment with HDR. Maybe it’s a Canon G11 or the amazing new S90. Unlike most SLR cameras which have auto […]


Photographer Website Tips

Going along with my photographer tips for Facebook and twitter I decided to talk about some website tips. By trade photographers are not web designers so every tip can help, right? These are my opinion […]


Two ways I helped Haiti – You should too!

MagCloud is now selling a magazine called One Respe which are beautiful and touching photographs in Haiti taken by various photographers.  All of the proceeds of the magazine are going to the Red Cross to […]