2010 Desktop Calendars
Fit To Screen

Better late than never right?  I have created a couple 2010 desktop calendars.  Feel free to download them for you computer.  The dimensions are 1680 x 1050 so you may need to adjust your scale settings for “fit to screen” as seen below.

Fit To Screen

If you download these for your computer please share your screen shots with me.  Upload a screen shot to Flickr and comment with a link for me to see.  It’s always fun and interesting to see how people arrange their desktops.

Have you created your brands calendar?  I’d love to see it! Please comment with a link to yours.

Click to view images and download

Bookmark the gallery see more calendars when they are created.

To download at the gallery, choose and click on an image to bring up its page. Then move your mouse over the photograph and select DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL from the slide-out menu.

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  1. Hello Scott! Great looking blog and some really good content. I might learn a thing or 2 from you. I like your computer calendars and your welcome to check out my page titled “Desktop Wallpapers” at .
    I decided to do a monthly calendar because it forces me to keep current and keep shooting. So on that note I'm glad I came across your site.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dick. I like your calendar design as well. I was going to do a monthly but I can have the same amount of fun doing yearly ones that I can designing monthly. Everyone has their own taste.

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