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Jamie’s Bat Mitzvah

I am not an event photographer.  I accepted the gig as favor for a friend.  It was booked over a year prior to the Bat Mitzvah.  I was asked to photograph in my own style […]


Interviewed on

Lawrence Atienza not only brings us some great tips, and info on photography, is a really nice guy, but has also been interviewing professional photographers and weekend photographers.  I am honored to be a part […]


Being an eco conscious photographer

I try really hard to be an eco-conscious photographer. I don’t drop things as I’m driving or walking around. I will always go out of my way to find a garbage can or recycle can […]


Create your own Glass Jar Photo Frames

Glass Jar Photo Frames A clean, clear jar (free of labels) Photos Ruler X-acto knife or scissors see the source and get the instructions at They always have great photo ideas so check them […]


Scott Wyden Imagery Blog for the Kindle

Now you can read my rambling wherever you go!


Cheap Wireless Tethering for Nikon – PeteTether

I’d like to do this mod, but I’m going to use my Lexar Eyefi card and a CF adapter first only because I don’t typically shoot tethered.  If I don’t like the speed of it […]


Center City Photowalk – Philadelphia, PA

Melissa, Andrew, Courtney and I signed up for Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk for July 18th, 2009.  Last year we walked in Baltimore, but this year we decided to walk in Philly so our friend Danyo […]


Fast shutter speeds and the right place at the right time

I received this email from a couple different sources so I’m sure it is getting around but I thought I’d share these photographs with everyone.  Some are funny but some are scary in the ‘that […]


Automatic is the devil – Photocritic

This little dial is called your mode wheel, and it’s your mortal enemy, the destroyer of creativity via Abolish automatic settings :: Photocritic photography blog.


Do Follow Scott Kelby On Twitter

Scott Kelby has been on Twitter for a few months now.  He posts your typical things like what is doing during his daily routines, etc..  However, you don’t see him giving the Twitterverse inside information.  […]


5511 Project – Janet’s first photoshoot

Janet is a singer/songwriter from New Jersey who needed some photos for her myspace music page.  She has never modeled before so she was quite nervous.  Janet made it really easy for me to get […]


Nikon D300 / D700 – What did I do with that rubber thing?

Tip: You may or may not already know… So you purchased a Nikon D300 or D700 and the Nikon MB-D10 battery grip.  Nikon changed their grip design for this product so the grip no longer […]