Monthly Archives: April 2009


5511 Project – Creepy Guy Self Portrait

I was bored and waiting for Lost to come on and decided to take 5 minutes and do some self portraits.  I had the Nikon 14-24 lens on my D700 from the previous day at […]


The ongoing battle of service from Comcast

It’s been a little bit since my last Comcast post but Comcast Steve of the Comcast Cares team is making things happen and I appreciate it. The latest is that Comcast came out (10pm at […]


The perfect camera strap

In my opnion the perfect camera strap would be a mix of the following, with the key features being a must. The Mix Think Tank Photo Non Slip Camera Strap BlackRapid R-Strap RS-4 UpStrap Pro […]


Happy Anzac Day

Tonight I am off to my friend Jade’s house to celebrate Anzac day with her and some friends as she is from New Zealand.   For those who don’t know what Anzac Day is, please visit […]


Textured photographs

I’ve never been one for going overboard on post production but I had some free time and decided to play.  I spent a good amount of time tweaking a bunch of texture files to create […]


Promote yourself when shooting events

As I do not reguraly photograph events I do not advertise it at all.  However, this is what I do when I am shooting at an event.  In fact, this is exactly what I am […]


Land Rover and Twitter #LRNY

Last Rover decided to hop onto the Social Media train by advertising to post your thoughts on their vehicles on Twitter.  The handrail definitely catches your eye since everyone is used to plain black rails.  […]


Happy Earth Day & One Year with Melissa

One year ago today was a very important day.  Not only was it Earth Day 2008 but I also met my girlfriend Melissa.  It’s great being able to celebrate the time you spend with someone […]


The type of Tweeps that annoy me

Tweeps who you send a reply to asking a question and then send a direct message back in a pretentious mannor and do not follow you so you can direct message back Tweeps who join […]


Designed a teaser video for work

I designed a teaser video for work to send to dealers.  Now that the marketing kit is just about complete, the teaser video is now public.  This was done in Keynote.


photography is in the blood

My brother scanned some old family photos to put up on facebook. This one caught my eye. Why you ask? Not only is it my biological father, but he is holding what turned out to […]


Hybrid Synergy Vision

This was a cool part of the Toyota booth at the 2009 New York Auto Show. You sit on this round chair which swivels left and right to choose which TV monitor you want to […]