Melissa is working at a camp this summer. Friday’s she must wear a special shirt that she had to tie-dye. Fun fun!

Photographed for Project 365 (292). Read about 292 here. You can also visit http//scottwyden.com/365 to view the archives.

This photo is available for sale at https://photos.scottwyden.com/project365 in a variety of sizes and print styles for your wall. All printed by Mpix, the best photo lab in the world

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  1. Gotta love those tie-dye tee shirts and socks. Yes I said socks. Our 13 yr old son came home last weekend from camp. He had 2 tee shirts & a pair of socks dyed. Tomorrow we pick up our 10 yr old son from camp. I'm afraid to see what he brings home…..

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