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The Nitz Strap – Wrist & Shoulder Straps

Nitz StrapOne day my friend Chris Nitz decided to start a camera strap brand.  He documented the entire process through Facebook and I really wanted to be a part of such an amazing mission.

So I reached out to Chris to become a beta tester and to help him get set up with the website.

A few months later and the first products are ready.  At the moment you can buy a Nitz Strap with paracord but eventually they will also be available with nylon rope, which is also really neat.

Nitz Strap Wrist Strap

Each of the straps are woven and crafted by Chris, by hand.  The materials are sourced in the United States which makes him one of few camera accessory companies 100% US based.

I am not one for shoulder straps all the time, so I have used the wrist strap.  The beauty of the paracord Chris uses is that it’s soft and breaks in more overtime.  There are tons of color combinations to choose from, although he is only offering select colors through the website to make it easier on himself.

Nitz Strap Holding

The goal is to eventually offer any color option, and in the meantime he does take custom orders. For example, The Photo Frontier has their own line of straps specific to their branding colors.

In addition to colors, the Nitz Strap is available in multiple weave styles, including the The Thin Line which you see in my sample photos.

There are also multiple hardware choices so whether you want the strongest or lightest connectors or semi-permanent versus quick release.  For mine I went with the Push Clip so I can quickly remove the strap when my camera is on the tripod.

Nitz Strap

As you can see, the strap very stylish but it’s also extremely lightweight and has multiple functions.  One of the beauties of paracord is that if you were hiking somewhere and an accident happened where you needed rope, you could theoretically un-wrap the strap and use the rope for whatever you need. Paracord is extremely strong and is meant to hold bodyweight.

My friend Gevon wrote up a great review of the strap for The Phoblographer, so please give that a read.  Gevon also provided the photos of me you see in this article.

Definitely check out the Nitz Strap website to learn more about the straps and to pick one up for yourself, or as a gift for your favorite photographer.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


How Lenstag Can Help Identify Non Permitted Photo Use

I’m a big fan of Lenstag for multiple reasons.  For one, it’s a fantastic way to keep track of your equipment.  For another, it helps you find stolen equipment, find missing equipment and even helps sell equipment by transferring from one account another.

At one point Lenstag launched mobile apps to monitor your gear.  Then came something that was even more brilliant.  Because Lenstag has a huge database of gear and serial numbers, they launched a monitoring tool.  This tool is a free extension for Google Chrome.  It monitors your Internet browsing and others also using the extension.  As people browse the web, the extension is looking at the metadata of every image it comes across.  It then searches the Lenstag database and notifies the photographer if a photograph is found with the camera’s serial number.

Of course, this tool improves with every new user, so please install it and let it help you find your photographs used without permission.

The screenshot below is the email I received from Lenstag showing a bunch of domains using my photographs.  Some are mine, some are test sites for work, some are guest blog articles I’ve done and of course, some are content scrapers.  The ones that worry me are content scrapers.

How Lenstag Can Help Identify Non Permitted Photo Use

The next screenshot is the user interface you see when logged into Lenstag.  It allows you to see each URL that includes an image of yours.  As you can see, I pinpointed which domains/URLs are the content scrapers.


When you click on a domain, the expanded view shows some info on the photograph in addition to the URL of the photograph in use and the URL of the page in question.

Lenstag URLs

From here you can take the information provided from Lenstag and either let it be or take action, like using a DMCA letter.  Of course everyone has their own idea of which is good and bad.  My concerns are with photographs used without permission, so I take action against content scrapers.

I hope you find this helpful and head over to Lenstag to get your account setup.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


How Wedding Photographers Convert Visits To Leads

There is a proven method of attracting website visitors and converting those visits to leads for your business. However, there has never been an obvious solution for the wedding photography industry. So one day an idea hit me. I immediately went into my office and started writing the idea down. I then contacted my friends at Colorvale Actions to partner on the designs and now I’m happy to share there is a solution out there.

wedding-photographer-conversion-kit-socialWedding photographers can now purchase the wedding photographer conversion kit. It’s the perfect way for photographers to not only attract website visitors, but convert them to leads and potentially their next bride and groom.

The kit shows how to utilize a free product offering (templates included) a landing page and email marketing to convert the leads.

Over the years email marketing has proven to be far more effective of converting people to become customers, over social media. In fact, with 95% of all online consumers using email, there are far more than 3 billion email accounts. In addition, 91% of consumers check their email once a day.

As photographers, there is no reason avoid taking advantage of statistics like that. Imagine if your website had a dedicated page to attract visits with the intentions of looking for a wedding photographer. The bride and groom who visit that page could be faced with an opportunity to download a document that could help them plan their wedding.

The Conversion Kit has already helped many wedding photographers attract visitors, convert them to leads and then customers. Check out the official product page to read what others are saying.

Please take advantage of the detailed instruction and beautiful designs that are included by picking up a copy for yourself.

I hope you enjoy it!