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Photo Critique – Recover or Go Minimal


Another photo critique task, another success.

In this critique I share some thoughts on processing a photograph in a minimal way if recording details in highlights or shadows is not a possibility.

After sending the video to the photographer I received the following reply.

I loved the way you brought about the water and overall cool temperature compared to the warmth present in my final edit of the photograph. Wonderful work Scott. and I do like to thank u for taking time to critique my photograph. I will certainly keep those things in mind while reworking on the photograph.

I don’t have any inhibitions on making the video public, as I believe it might be useful to the public.

Mission accomplished.

I hope you learn something from this photo critique just as the photographer did.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


Photography & Beer Tasting – Gallery at Carton Brewing

Recognize this photograph?  I made the photo while at my favorite New Jersey brewery, Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands.


Today I am happy to share that I will be displaying some of my photographs at Carton Brewing on their beautiful bare brick walls.  The gallery will be hanging from May 1, 2014 until the end of June.

But that is not all of course.  I have partnered with my brother’s company, New Jersey Craft Beer, to celebrate the gallery and introduce photography lovers from around the state (and beyond) to amazing local craft beer.

When I say Carton Brewing makes amazing craft beer, I truly mean it.  Why?  Well, once in a while they brew a beer called Monkey Chasing the Weasel which was called that due to the use of a Mulberry Bush which grows behind the brewery.  Talk about being artistic and using fresh ingredients.

So with all that said, please join the New Jersey Craft Beer hang out night (aka the gallery opening) at Carton Brewing on May 2nd, between 4pm and 8pm.

Carton Brewing is located at 6 E Washington Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716.

Add the event to your calendar

All guests are required to take a tour of the brewery before tasting their awesome craft beer.

So grab your camera, prepare for tasting elegantly crafted beer and try out some beertography.

Please RSVP using the form a the bottom of this announcement.  I look forward to seeing you there!


Be prepared to taste their latest creation, Comma. Here is a teaser.
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Find Photography Locations At Top Photo Spots


Not long ago my friend James Brandon secretly launched a new website for photographers everywhere to find awesome places to make photographs around the world.

…a website created with one simple thing in mind; to take the guesswork out of travel photography and help photographers find the best photo spots at the best locations around the globe.

Top Photo Spots has a search feature on the homepage, so instead of browsing you can type in a location and search your heart away.

I could keep talking about Top Photo Spots, but instead I recommend that you visit the website to see it for yourself.  If you want to read more about it, then check out John Davenport’s article at Digital Photography School.

In addition to simply loving the idea of this website, I am proud to share that James has added me as a contributor and curator for New Jersey spots at Top Photo Spots.


As of now I have added Duke Farms, Manasquan Reservoir and Asbury Park Boardwalk.  More will come, so be sure to subscribe to Top Photo Spots and follow the website on social media.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,