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Help Me Make Beautiful Women’s Clothing & Educate The World

Help Me Make Beautiful Women's Clothing & Educate The World

Here is something extremely special I want to be a part of (and potentially can with your help), and it all starts with a cool story.

My friend, Karen Hutton​, was approached by Vida to artistically embed some of her photographs on beautiful clothing for women. At first Karen didn’t know what to expect, but when she finally had a chance to see the clothing in person her mind was blown. The way they used her photographs were absolutely amazing and clever.

Then I heard my friend, Trey Ratcliff​, also getting involved in this cool project. He too was so excited about the end results.

So I went to look at Vida’s offerings, what they do and their offerings for photographers. There was opportunity to get involved in the designs.

So I sent then a variety of photographs and they picked a few they liked for their clothing.

It turns out Vida goes way beyond just making cool clothing for women. The clothes are made individually (yes one by one) in Delhi, India and Karachi, Pakistan and soon in other countries including some in North America. They hire humans to create the products and provide literacy programs to those who need it. They learn to read, write, and do basic math and build a better life for generations to come. Cool, right?

Here is the key to the puzzle. In order for them to officially carry my photos they need 5 pre-orders. So please (please please) head over to Vida and take a look at what’s available from me. Girls, if you like what you see then please place a pre-order. Guys, if you think your girlfriends and wives would enjoy it, please place a pre-order. Use the coupon code VOICES to save 25%.

So that’s 5 pre-orders and 25% off for each pre-order and then Vida will carry my photos in their store.

Here is the link again,

Thank you for reading and for considering.

Sometimes A Neutral Density Filter Just Isn’t Needed

The more common method of making the sky very dark, almost pure black, is to use a graduated neutral density filter.

But an expensive filter like that is not always needed.

Look at this photo.


Composition like this is ideal for a graduated neutral density filter. But I did not use one.  Instead I relied on the dynamic range of the camera’s sensor. I keep my camera on RAW, which gives me far more flexibility during processing to recover highlights and shadows.

So inside of Lightroom I used the Black and White tool to bring down the exposure of only the sky.

A neutral density filter was not needed.

Have questions?

The Everyday Photographer

everyday-photographerI have recently started considering myself an everyday photographer. By that I mean, I don’t have one focus in my photography.

I absolutely love travel and landscape photography. I also really enjoy street photography. But my freelance photography business makes most of its income from portrait photography.

So instead of calling myself a portrait photographer or a landscape photographer, I am going with an everyday photographer.

That leaves the door open to any areas of photography I wish to explore now and in the future.

How did I get there?

Whenever people would ask me what type of photography I do, my explanation was always pretty long.  So instead of keeping it like that, I can say “I’m an everyday photographer”, which is not only more relatable to consumers but also a conversation started.

So from here on consider my an everyday photographer that photographs anything that I see that catches my interest. It might be you, or a town’s downtown area, or a car driving by, or whatever you pay me to photograph. I photograph everyday things, and won’t limit myself to one category.


Steal this term

Feel free to steal that term if you’d like. I plan on integrating it into my website and social media branding more often. I may even start #everydayphotographer on Instagram and other social channels.

The Cake Smash

It’s not often I photograph babies, but I find myself doing it more and more lately. Maybe that is a coincidence with being a dad.

The photo here came out so great, partly because the mother hand made all the decoration the night before.

The baby didn’t really care much about the cake at first.

But once she got her hands into the cake everything changes.


For those interested in making cake smash photos, don’t try to pose the child.

For those too nervous to make their own cake smash photos, give me a shout!

Asbury’s Casino

Asbury Park is one of my favorite places in New Jersey to visit and photograph.  There is so much history there.

A while back I hosted a photowalk in Asbury Park and we started at this spot, under the crown of the old casino.


I have been sitting on this photo for a while, but I fell in love with the black and white processing of it.

It makes me feel like the casino is still alive today.

Breaking Down Those Creative Block Walls

There are times when photographers get into a creative block.

It happens.
I’ve written about it in the past.

I’ve talked about going on photowalks and taking workshops to get out of the rut.


Not too long ago I announced Vision Path, which is a 16 week email course designed to help photographers find their vision. While it has a specific intention, it can also serve the purpose of getting out of the creative block.

When you have a moment, check out Vision Path and sign up. It’s only $20 and will keep your brain thinking creatively for 16 weeks. Not bad, right?

A Mexico Sunrise

July of 2011 is when Melissa and I got married in Mexico. It was a hot summer, and very humid in Mexico.

This view is what we had the pleasure of seeing every morning when we looked out of our hotel room.


Every morning was filled with so much heat that when I opened the air conditioned room door, my lenses filled up with fog.

This photo was made one morning while waiting for that fog to naturally disappear.

When I was looking at my archive to find some photos to process, this brought back so many memories from our week in Mexico.

Sitting in Central Park

While on an Arcanum photowalk a couple months back, we started and ended our journey in Central Park.

As we’re about to leave the park I noticed this guy sitting perfectly on the rocks, minding his business.

So of course I had to photograph him.

Reading Zone
Portraits don’t need to show a face to tell a story.

Look at the man. Ask yourself what he is reading. Why is he wearing such dark clothes? Why is he reading in that spot? Aren’t those rocks hard to sit on?

It was a cold day in NYC, so I also wonder why he decided to sit still and read outdoors on such a cold day.

I know I was bundled up.


NYC From Above The Train Cars

The High Line is a special place to many New Yorkers.  It’s now also a tourist trap for outsiders. I’ve done many photowalks on The High Line, so it gets quite old, fast.

However, this past October I was on a photowalk following a day at PhotoPlus Expo, and it was my first time on this part of The High Line.
New York City

“What a view, and one that isn’t often seen from above.”

That is what was going through my head when I captured the photo on my Nikon D810.  I knew ahead of time I wanted a high contrast, simple toned monochrome photograph.

So when I got home and processed it in Lightroom that’s exactly what I did. No special software was needed for this image.  It was simply a matter of taking my time with sliders inside of Lightroom and adjusting the tones within the black and white processing.

I am so pleased with how it came out in the end.


NYC, Birds, Kids & Rick Sammon

A couple of months ago I was in New York City for an Arcanum photowalk. It was a great time and I got to meet another one of my apprentices, apprentices from other cohorts and other masters.

We walked through a part of Central Park and eventually made our way to the spot you see here.

Feeding Time

There were a bunch of kids playing around, sitting and talking and a crowd of people watching something going on. It was not in English, so I couldn’t really follow the discussion.

You would think that the kids would be the point of focus for this photo, but really it’s the birds. The iconic birds of New York City.

But also in the background you can see Rick Sammon, a Canon photographer and a master at The Arcanum.

Rick and his wife spent the afternoon walking with us and Rick even gave a random person a camera lesson so she could make a group photo of us.

Good times were had.

I’m ready for the next Arcanum photowalk now!