How To Plan A Photowalk (A Video Conversation)


Want to know how to plan a photowalk? I have planned many photowalks over the years. But recently I was working with two friends to plan a large photowalk to take place after the 2014 Photo Plus Expo in New York City. Before having our final call to finish up the planning I decided to Continue reading…

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Night Vision Photographers

Night Vision Photographers

I have horrible night vision. I have no problem telling you that. So when I am photographing at night I can barely see a few feet in front of me. So how do I get around it? Great question! When I know I will be photographing something at night I always pack one tool with Continue reading…

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Hands Filled With Love


It’s a really nice feeling, as a photographer, to photograph a couple’s engagements photos and then be asked to photograph their maternity photographs as well. Baby Lucca is now here, but before he entered the world I met the couple at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania where the engagement photographs were made as well. We worked our Continue reading…

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Come On, Walk On By


Street photography as an introvert or ambivert is different than street photography as an extrovert. As a ambivert you wait, patiently, waiting for some to walk on by. As an extrovert you go out of your way to make sure the photograph is exactly how you want – by means of deeper interaction with the Continue reading…

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Eerie Georgia


You might recognize this view from another photo of my, What Floats By, which was also featured on the Really Right Stuff blog. This is another view, from a different spot. I went for a more punchy and contrasting processing style for this one to change things up. I call this Eerie Georgia because, well, Continue reading…

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Shadows, Light & Mystery


While I was up in Massachusetts a while back I was photographing a Historic Mill during my friend Bob’s workshop. I spent a lot of time playing with shadows and light, bracketing in certain places and doing long exposures in others. The photograph here is one where I noticed some really fun shadows coming through Continue reading…

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Take a Stand, Start Taking Steps

Nitz Strap

Like many other photographers, I sometimes grab the zoom lens to make shooting a job easier. But in the middle of job, and many times after, I question whether I actually did make the job easier. So which is it? You see, a zoom lens makes it easy to make a photo at a variety Continue reading…

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By The Time I Was 32

By the time I was 32

By the time I was 32 my life was in a direction I could have never predicted. All my life I have been dealing with color blindness. It’s subtle, not severe. However, it’s still an obstacle to adjust to. As a photographer, color blindness has no advantage or benefit. Only more struggles and confusion. So I Continue reading…

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An Open Letter To The Adobe Lightroom Team


Dear Adobe, Adobe Lightroom is my favorite workflow tool for my photography.  Not only that though.  It is the software I use for 99% of my photo processing.  You have made it so extremely useful and efficient to stay organized and work my way through editing photographs. No matter what other software I try, I Continue reading…

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Street Photography eBook – Ambivert’s Guide to Street Photography


I would say for the most part, people puruseing street photography are extroverts.  That means that they are wired for the outgoing interaction that is typically associated with street photography. But what many people don’t realize is that some of the best and most famous street photographers were introverts. Here is a great video on introversion Continue reading…

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