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Otter Cliff

Otter Cliff

One of the stops on the Acadia National Park trip was to Otter Cliffs. Len and Bob, who have been there before, warned us that the rocks get very slippery.  So I decided to wear my heavy-duty boots.  In addition to intense treads, they’re also waterproof (up to a point). I’m glad I went with Continue reading…

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Mastin Labs – Film Or Lightroom Presets?


I love making Lightroom presets. I have created them for a few years now. I also love trying other Lightroom presets, which I did not create. I use some from friends, as well as ones made by companies like Get Totally Rad (the Replichrome presets), VSCO, The Photo Frontier and Mastin Labs. Presets, for any Continue reading…

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Sunrise at Thunder Hole


As a photographer who doesn’t make his living off photographic services, I strive to make photographs that I am extremely happy with. Although I offer photography services, It’s not my full-time job. So I do not have to take on new projects or new clients. However, one of my favorite things is when a landscape photograph Continue reading…

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How I Get More Done When Working From Home


I have read many articles about getting things done, and have tried software specifically created for GTD, but I find myself sticking with the basics in order to stay productive. As you might know, I work for a company who develops WordPress software for photographers. Since the company is all online, all employees are distributed. Continue reading…

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Sunset from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park


We tried to photograph sunrise from Cadillac Mountain, but the fog that morning didn’t work out in our favor. You see, Cadillac Mountain is up thousands of feet and it overlooks Acadia National Park in its entirety. So capturing the scenes from those heights at sunrise would be amazing. If only it worked out… But Continue reading…

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Perception Pro from Think Tank Photo – My New Favorite Camera Bag


There is a reason why I said this is my new favorite camera bag. For the longest time I have been using Think Tank Photo’s ShapeShifter as my main camera bag. Think Tank Photo has been amazing to me over the years, and I have had the pleasure of trying and reviewing and advocating for Continue reading…

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The Drift in Jordan Pond


There is so much driftwood in Jordan Pond.  So much so that you walk 5 feet and find a new one floating above the water, or sitting at the pond floor. This fallen tree was likely once much larger.  But over the years I’d imagine that the weather, animals and bugs are slowly decreased its Continue reading…

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Best & Favorite Photographs of 2014


In 2014 I had the pleasure of meeting so many new people, traveling to a variety of places in the USA and prepare for my first child. It was an amazing year, and I am so happy to share my best and favorite photographs of 2014. In 2014 I also had 3 eBooks published.  Here Continue reading…

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Mango Smoothie


Meet Armando, a fantastic photographer from Colorado.  He is a professional retoucher as well and from what I understand his work is printed throughout Colorado on billboards. Neat stuff! During our recent trip to Maine a waitress accidently called Armando the name Mango.  It turns out that when Armando was younger that people would call Continue reading…

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Do Photos Have To Be In Focus To Be Good Or Interesting?

Out of focus photo

What do you think? There are thousands of photographs from the history of photography that are not in focus.  So why do people get upset when a photograph is out of focus? It really depend on the photo. That’s my opinion at least. Photos don’t have to be perfectly in focus to be interesting. This Continue reading…

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