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In The Darkness The Moss Will Grow

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when something is man-made or Earth made. This mossy wasteland is actually underneath a man-made walkway at the Cape May Zoo. There are no zoo rides or attractions in the water. Only wildlife (not even part of the zoo). This water separates the caged animals from the open range animals like […]

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Important Photography Website Factors All Photographers Should Consider

Photography website – an ongoing discussion in the industry, and one that has no solid answers.  I’m hoping to change that with the best possible advice I can give. One of the more common questions I receive from photographers is about websites. More specifically, questions about how to build a website for their hobby or for their […]

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Ethics Still Exist In The Photography Business

I recently came across an article talking about the lack of ethics in the photography industry and as I read it I kept thinking to myself… “Is this person serious?” The article talked specifically about a group of photographers that I know personally. These photographers aren’t just full-time shooters. In fact, many of them put […]

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