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It’s Paeday


Doors with graffiti covering them make fantastic subjects. When walking past this one in particular, I had the vision of gloomy nightmare style processing. For me this has the feeling of coming out of a zombie movie.

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From My Eye – Baby and Books

I do not photograph babies often, but when my brother and sister-in-law asked me to photograph my nephew, of course I said yes. My sister-in-law is a big reader and wanted to incorporate books into the photos.

For this photo, I knew I didn’t need much for lighting or “the set”.

We used a white sheet for the backdrop, a coffee table and couch as the staging area and my lights consisted of a SB-800 with 2 reflectors and another SB-800 through a small softbox. Simple and effective.

I’m super excited to process the photos. They’re going to come out great!

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This portrait of my nephew holden was taken not long after he was born.  As a person without much baby experience, it’s been an exciting week and I look forward to spending even more time with him as he grows.

It’s nice being an uncle and Melissa is a fantastic aunt.

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