Monthly Archives: October 2011

October Snow

I mean really… You can’t say there is nothing to worry about when not only is it snowing here in New Jersey in October but it snowed as much as it did.

This is nuts. I am predicting a very cold winter.

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White Sky 43/52


I heard snow was coming to New Jersey so I looked up to see a white sky.  Then I noticed how cool the view would be in a black & white.  So there you have it.  This is what I saw after hearing about the October Snow.

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From my eye: Carton Brewing

Great beer and really cool brewery. Built, brewed and handled with passion and pride.

I was asked by New Jersey Craft Beer to come out, try some beer a shoot the brewery.

The guys here are super cool and very knowledgable in beer.

I’m excited to share some of the shots.

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