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October Snow

I mean really… You can’t say there is nothing to worry about when not only is it snowing here in New Jersey in October but it snowed as much as it did.

This is nuts. I am predicting a very cold winter.

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White Sky 43/52


I heard snow was coming to New Jersey so I looked up to see a white sky.  Then I noticed how cool the view would be in a black & white.  So there you have it.  This is what I saw after hearing about the October Snow.

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From my eye: Carton Brewing

Great beer and really cool brewery. Built, brewed and handled with passion and pride.

I was asked by New Jersey Craft Beer to come out, try some beer a shoot the brewery.

The guys here are super cool and very knowledgable in beer.

I’m excited to share some of the shots.

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Welcome Home


Previously I shared photos from recent sunset shooting in Freehold, New Jersey.  The park built this big house shaped storage unit for lawn mowers, trimmers and other landscaping supplies.   Apparently someone decided to park a paddle boat next to the house.   Oddly enough, the unit is not very close to the water.

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Helicopter & Bolt


No words really needed for this photograph.  It’s just something I noticed when walking around Federal Hill in Baltimore, Maryland.

Photo Tip:  Don’t be afraid to take photos of things that aren’t spectacular.  You never know if they will come in handy down the line.

Canadian Man And A Wire

Meet Heath O’Fee. He is a friend from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For the past year and change I’ve watched Heath experiment and grow his photographic techniques and skills. Heath is such a great guy and an incredible shooter.


During Heath’s recent vacation to New York City, he switched between shooting digital and shooting film with his medium format Mamiya camera.

The second photo you see is Heath shooting off the Brooklyn Bridge. Below is another candid photograph of Heath from our resting period in Central Park. Yes, that is also Mike Olbinski sneaking up behind Heath.


Please head over to Heath’s website to check out some of his film photographs from the vacation.  They are so fun and so awesome.

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Mind Blowing iPhoneography Photo Stats [Infographic]

42% of the 1.3 million iPhone photos have location info embedded

More iPhone photos are captured in Europe than in North America

1.7% of iPhone photos are taken in New York

The average photo size is just under 2MB

More iPhone photos are taken at ISO 80 than any other ISO

52% of these photos are in landscape and a small portion of iPhone photos use flash (considering the volume of iPhone photos that are out there)

More iPhone photos are taken at 4PM than any other time of the day.

The most photos taken between August and October, 2011 is September 11, 2011. I can't say I'm surprised but at the same time… wow.

My question is… will this change with the new iPhone 4S?

Embedded Link photo sharing service for twitter is a photo sharing service for twitter. Less characters, more user experience, that's it!.

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Lift Up Carton Brewing 42/52

lift-upProject 52… wow…10 weeks left and counting.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.  I have hundreds of photographs to process, a lot of blogging to draft up, and an eBook to finish up.  So with so much to do I decided to share yet another iPhone 4S photograph for this weeks Project 52.  This one is taken from my Phone Blog of Carton Brewing.

I am so happy with the camera in the new iPhone.  It’s unreal!

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HDR Tennis Game 17 Result

HDR TennisAnother really fun set of brackets in Game 17 of HDR Tennis.  This set of brackets is from my friend Jacob F. Lucas. It’s a stunning landscape from Seattle, Washington.

For this week’s match, we asked the group what type of photograph they wanted to process. After some voting, Jacob provided a city skyline, sunset/rise and lighty/shiny stuff & with water or mountains.

My Steps

  1. Tone-Mapped in Photomatix
  2. Processed in onOne Software PhotoTools
  3. Focus adjusted in onOne Software Focal Point

The Video

The Result

hdr tennis game 17

Photo by Jacob F. Lucas

Join HDR Tennis on Facebook and give the next match a try. Don’t forget to check out my friend Jacob’s website for some of his amazing photography.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

One Over The Other

The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges look as though they’re right next to each other.  However, the walk between the two is quite far.  There is this one spot under the Brooklyn Bridge that you can capture this over/under image.  In addition to that, you can also capture the moon perfectly between the two – depending on the time of year of course.  In a photo I will post at another time, you will see what I mean.


Earlier in the week I posted the From My Eye of this photograph.  It can be found on Google+ and on my blog.  Head on over, check out some of the cell phone snaps from behind the scenes.

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