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5 Tips For The Traveling Photographer

travel-bagAt the time I’m writing this, I am packing for my wedding in Mexico. I thought it would be suitable for me to share some packing tips for photographers about to travel.

  • Think about it: Think about where you’re going, what you will be doing and what you might need. No need to overpack with gear that you will not use on the trip
  • Remember the essentials: Batteries, cleaning cloth, memory cards, etc.
  • One bag to rule them all: Choose the right bag. Too small and you’re gear might be too tight or not fit. Too big and it can be cumbersome. Choose wisely.
  • Offloading: Extra memory cards are great, but if you’re going on a long trip, a memory backup drive (built-in card reader) can be useful. An iPad can always be a great tool for photo backups.
  • Juice: Be sure to bring a battery charger. You never know if you’re going to shoot enough to kill all those extra batteries you packed.

Have your own tip for travel photography? Comment below to share.

Thanks for reading, safe travels, light packing and happy shooting,


Danger Dave 25/52


Meet my brother-in-law, Danger Dave. I am not sure where his nickname “Danger” came from, but that is what many people call him. This weekend is full of final wedding preparation and packing, so I haven’t really had time to go out shooting like I would have liked. So yet again, another Project 52 photo using Instagram.


Danger Dave drives an Ice Cream truck around the Freehold/Manalapan, NJ area. His truck plays The Entertainer. Gotta love that song.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


Free Photography Studio Rental Database

pro-studio-exchangeIf you own a photography studio then you want to check out Pro Studio Exchange. The website, built off the WooThemes Listings WordPress theme, is a free database of studios for rent around the world. At the time I’m writing this, the website only handles the USA, but it will soon open its doors to the rest of the world.

  • Renters want studio space when and where you need it.
  • Save money renting from fellow photographers.
  • Hosts have downtime in their studio spaces every day
  • Make money renting your studio when it’s not in use


Pro Studio Exchange is a photographer-to-photographer sharing community that connects photographers who have studio space to share with others seeking studio space for a short term when and where they want it.

For Renters

  1. Find the perfect studio
  2. Confirm availability
  3. Book your studio
  4. Use it.

For Hosts

  1. List your studio FREE
  2. Confirm reservation
  3. Renter uses your studio
  4. Get paid

If you own a studio, listing it on Pro Studio Exchange is free, so head over to the website and find yourself some renters.  Thanks for reading and happy renting & selling,