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5511 Project – Creepy Guy Self Portrait

I was bored and waiting for Lost to come on and decided to take 5 minutes and do some self portraits.  I had the Nikon 14-24 lens on my D700 from the previous day at the NY Auto Show so I decided to leave it on.  I placed an SB900 underneath the camera aimed up at my face.  For this shot I was actually tethered to the strobe because I had my gear set up for an event I have to shoot soon.  While I sat on my bed giving a creepy look to the shiny glass staring me in the eye I pushed the remote trigger and got some pretty sweet shots.  They aren’t amazing but it’s practice and it’s fun.   The SB-900 was set to the lowest possible output and the exposure was 1/250 at f/2.8

After a few shots I took some Sylvania DOT-it LED‘s and placed them around my bed.  It added some extra flavor to the shot, but nothing crazy.

Thanks for checking it out!


The ongoing battle of service from Comcast

It’s been a little bit since my last Comcast post but Comcast Steve of the Comcast Cares team is making things happen and I appreciate it. The latest is that Comcast came out (10pm at night however) and gave me a new modem in hopes that the problem was that simple. So far so good, although when the tech was at my house the problem wasn’t occurring.

Anyway, I will keep everyone posted on this craziness once it is all figured out. In the mean time. Enjoy this funny video I saw on YouTube. If I ever saw someone doing that in my house I’d slap them on the back of the head.

The perfect camera strap

In my opnion the perfect camera strap would be a mix of the following, with the key features being a must.

The Mix

Key Features

  • Comfortable (like the UpStrap)
  • Professional Look (solid black is fine)
  • Will not leave the ‘I’ve had my camera around my neck for way too long’ redness and pain
  • Storage for extra battery and memory cards (like the R-Strap and Nat Geo)
  • Ability to easily reach the camera from the side (Like the R-Strap)
  • Ability to clip on to a camera backpack while hiking, etc.. (Like the Think Tank & Nat Geo)
  • Won’t slip off the shoulder..ever (like the UpStrap)

Someone please design this…and give me a free camera strap.  I won’t even take credit for it.

I decided to ask the Twitter community what their thoughts on the subject were.

Twitter Recommends:

“Easy on, easy off strap. I love the OpTech straps with the snaps on it. Replaceable foam rubber shoulder part. Customizable.”

John Milleker

Web: /

Twitter: @JohnMilleker

I also posted a poll on Twitter via Polldady‘s Twitter Poll application asking what peoples thoughts where.  These are the results to the question “What is your idea of a good camera strap?” as of April 22, 2009:

  • Comfort (23 Votes)
  • Color (5 votes)
  • Padded (10 votes)
  • Non Slip (16 votes)
  • Media / Battery holder (5 votes)
  • Quick Sling (10 votes)
  • Other (was also an option although no one left a comment, or PollDaddy just isn’t displaying them..who knows – 13 Votes)

If you haven’t commented with your thoughts on Twitter, please share them here as I’d love to hear what you consider to be the perfect camera strap.

Thanks for reading