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My favorite holiday photos for 2008

Lately my favorite type of photography is nature photography.  But not animals as much as earth made structures, etc…

However, this holiday season was busy for me as far as family photos go.  I had some photo gigs in locations that aren’t very photo friendly.  A company holiday party in a really nice resturaunt’s party room which has 3 foot mirros every 2 feet around the room, photos in small & tight spaces and more.  Here are some of my favorites from this year

Happy Holidays Everyone & A Great New Year to All


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Ever since my photo was published in JPG Magazine my popularity has jumped beyond the level I thought it would. I’m a very humble person. I know I have an eye for photography and am good at what I do but I don’t go around praising myself every step of the way. I am not one for saying I am better than you, or I did this, I did that, I would have done this better, etc… To me that is very shady and gross.

I am very honored that people like my work as much as they do and I’m glad I have the ability to share my work with the world.

As I type this my “If I only had a” photo is getting great comments and has been added favorite by 13 users. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and I hope to keep bringing you photos to check out in the future

Nikon D1x [527,200 actuations]

The proof is in the pudding. Today at work my head Digital SLR technician came to me and dragged me over to his bench to see this. A customer of Mack Camera has sent in their Nikon D1x for repair saying the shutter stopping opening. We hooked the camera up to the diagnostic software and there was 527,200 shutter actuations (shutter releases). The craziest part is that the shutter was good, it was a gear that broke. They don’t make shutters like they used to!

Nikon D1x holy unbelievable on TwitPic